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        apartment homes in guangzhou
        rent home in guangzhou
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        rent an apartment in guangzhou
        Our Clients
        apartmetnt rent in guangzhou
        rent an apartment in guangzhou
        apartment homes in guangzhou
        rent home in guangzhou
        apartmetnt rent in guangzhou
        rent an apartment in guangzhou
        apartment homes in guangzhou
        Guangzhou Apartment Renters Guide

        Janny ,who worked in Guangzhou last year ,rent an apartment not far away from his company .‘ 7500 RMB per month ,with 2 bedroom ,1 living room is affordable for me who are fond of quiet place .’Janny also has a rational housing plan for the future . she does not plan to buy house in the short run .she would live in the present apartment homes for one or two years .If she does want to change the apartment ,she would take a prior consideration for those properties which with the convenience of traffic and living conditions as well as security .

        According to all kinds of problems that the foreigners would encounter when he/she rent an apartment homes for the first time ,the reporter would offer you some tips given by the foreigners.
        It is impossible for you find an apartment which is convenient for living and traffic with low rental .If you want to save money ,you can consider the apartment which located in a little bit further .If you couldn’t avoidthe peak period of foreigners coming to China when you rent apartment for the first time ,you’d better change your rent in the low season such as the end of the year ,if you want .
        Though it is quite important to get the market condition on the internet , the most important thing is going to the site to inquire the information .You can also entrustreal-estate agency with abundantly available properties .But you should pay attention to the qualification of the agency company . If you sign the contract with the landlord directly ,you should check thevalid certificates

        When signing the contract ,you should make clear how to pay the rental ,charges for electricity and water ,fee of cable TV ; when to pay the rental .Make an agreement on how to share the fee of property management as well as electricity and water .And also make clear the amount of your payment ,how to pay and when to pay etc.

        Before you move in ,you should handle the handover procedures, confirm the figure on water meter and ammeter .And make sure whether the former tenant have settle the telephone rate ,the expenses of surfing on internet , property management fee etc. In the end, make sure the number of keys and the owner of keys ,or you may change an other set of lock and key .
        You’d better make the rental within a quarter of your monthly income. When surveying the house on the spot, you should pay attention to the following things, such as the layout design, the daylight, the noise , the surrounding traffic and so on. The most important thing that you should make sure is whether the daily facilities such as the hydropower and toilet is in a good condition .it is suggested that you try all the appliances to see whether there is any leakage.it would be better if you can negotiate with the owner to get a rent-free period about 3 or 5 days.
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        Tel: 020-85568942
        Hotline: 0086-18138795093
        E-mail: Ivy@cn-houses.com
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