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      1. Size(sqm): - Rental(RMB): -
        House Show - All City
        City: Shenzhen
        Property Name: 南海玫瑰园Coastal Rose Garden
        Property Type: Apartment
        House Area: 150sqm
        House Type: 4br
        Special Offer: RMB 11000
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        Photos of the Coastal Rose Garden(南海玫瑰园)
        Other houses in Coastal Rose Garden(南海玫瑰园)
        Coastal Rose Garden
        3br , RMB 7800
        Coastal Rose Garden
        3br , RMB 8000
        Coastal Rose Garden
        4br , RMB 8000
        Property Description & Location - Coastal Rose Garden(南海玫瑰园)
        Description: Phase I completed in 2000, phase II completed in 2004,and phase III completed in 2008. Coastal Rose Garden is one of the popular residences for expatriates, 2 to 5 bedroom apartments and townhouses with seaview for lease. International school, SOS clinic, ferry terminal, Sea World Commercial Street, supermarket and restaurants are located nearby. Club house facilities include outdoor swimming pool, tennis court etc. Coastal Rose Garden enjoys stunning nature mount view.
        Golden Century Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
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