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        House Show - All City
        City: Guangzhou
        Property Name: 祈?;木频晔椒窆lifford Mansion
        Property Type: Apartment
        House Area: 100sqm
        House Type: 2br
        Special Offer: RMB 17500
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        Photos of the Clifford Mansion(祈?;木频晔椒窆?
        Other houses in Clifford Mansion(祈?;木频晔椒窆?
        Clifford Mansion
        1br , RMB 11500
        Clifford Mansion
        2br , RMB 17000
        Property Description & Location - Clifford Mansion(祈?;木频晔椒窆?
        Description: 1BR,1 ba,for Canton Tower view,63-88㎡,RMB 13000; For city view,42-85㎡,RMB 8500-13000 1br,1ba,for Canton view,75㎡,16000; For city view,75㎡,RMB 14000 Including fapiao,twice a week cleaning,water & ele fee 2BR,1 ba,for Canton Tower view,65㎡,RMB 13500; 2br,2 ba,for Canton Tower view,93㎡,RMB 19000-22000; For city view,90-98㎡,RMB 18000 3br,1 ba,for Canton view,137㎡,35000; For city view,137㎡,RMB 30000 Including fapiao,twice a week cleaning,wifi, Satellite TV,gym& swimming pool,water & ele fee Founded in 1993,Clifford Mansion is one of the most iconic serviced apartments in south China. In 2015, Cliford Mansion invested 200 million RMB on a marjor upgrade transforming itself into a contemporary landmark. Guests who seek to enjoy tranquility and upmost comfort will find our brand new design satisfying pursuit of perfection.
        No2. Mingyue Yi Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou
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