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      1. Service apartment in guangzhou
        Size(sqm): -
        Rental(RMB): -
          Our Top Guang Zhou City Extended Stay >> more  
          Guang Zhou Short Term apartments

        Jia Yu Mansion/4 Bedroom/202SQM

        Brandnew compound,5mins walk to Liede Metro station exita. COMMISSION 80% OFF for regular customer . base rate RMB 25800.00 p/month

          Guang Zhou Short Term apartments

        Lingfeng Garden 3BR 154SQM

        5mins walk to line5 liede metro station

        The cheapest 3BR apartment in ZhuJiang New Town .RMB 12000.00 p/month

        ZhuJiang CBD center of Guangzhou

          Guang Zhou Short Term apartments

        The Cosmos 3BR 207SQM,32800/M

        Every unit features the full-length windows and indoor gardens to let in lots of sunshine,creating a warm ambience and a feeling of space & good cheer


        Guang Zhou service apartment >> more

          Guang Zhou Short Term apartments

        Vaperse Service APT-Foreigner love

        Very nice apartment, Internet(wifi)

        There are kitchen-zhujiang new tomn -2br 87sqm 12800rmb/m,8 times a month clean.

          Guang Zhou Short Term apartments

        Jumeirah service Apartment/49000rmb

        Including management fee,WiFi internet,Satellite TV,Fitness Center Usage and Cleaning service once a week. Including cleaning and sheet changing once a week

          Guang Zhou Short Term apartments

        Clifford Mansion service Apartment

        Twice a week cleaning,wifi, Satellite TV,gym& swimming pool,water & ele fee ,100SQM,2BR,17500RMB/M



        Working with many of Guang Zhou's most experienced real estate agents, Newlife Real Estate can help you find the perfect agent to help you rental your apartment.

        By featuring your apartment on Newlife Real Estate, you will gain access to the largest network of.
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        Unit 3005,Natian ,No.3 Huacheng Rd , Zhujiang New Town,GZ,PRC
        Room No.201,BlockB,Haisong Building,Che Gongmiao,Futian District,Shenzhen.
        Hotline +8620 - 88830016
        Ivy +86 -18138795093
        Hotline +86755 - 66802781
        +86755 - 66802782
        Robert +86 - 13928880672
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