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        威珀斯酒店公寓 / Vaperse Hotel Serviced Apartment
        + Location
        No.5 Jinsui Road,Zhujiang New Town(at the junction of Jinsui Road and Juasui Road)
        + Description
        Vaperse Hotel Serviced Apartment is located in Zhujiang New Town,Tianhe District.It covers an area of 5382 square meters.The number of motor vehicle position is 404,and for non-motor vehicle is 750.The square is surrounded by some landmarks,such as International Finance Centre,Guangzhou Tower,Huacheng Square and Guangzhou Museum Studio,1br,2br are available (Be exclusive of water&electricity fee)
        + Facilities
        Special offer
        Type Area Special offer Description
        2br87RMB 23500 Online Request
        1br68RMB 16500 Online Request
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